Apple iMessage Users May Get An Option To Edit Texts That Have Been Already Sent

apple-logoApple has reportedly filed a new patent for iMessage where users can edit text messages that have already sent.

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently published a new patent application by Apple which describes the ability to fully edit sent text messages via iMessage.

It would work by selecting the message the user wants to edit by pre-defined touch interface input that opens a menu with a message editing interface and a display of a revised version of the message for all recipients, reports MacRumors.

The included patent drawing shows a ‘Show Edits’ button that could show a history of changes.

Other new features include, acknowledge messages, display private messages, synchronize viewing of content between users, translate foreign language text and more.

The patent also introduces improvements to current iMessage features like a bubble and full-screen effects and receiving money via Apple Pay.