iPhone 12 MagSafe Cases and Camera Mounts Unveiled By Moment

Nov 3, 2020
iPhone 12 MagSafe Cases Camera Accessories
Image: Moment

Moment, which is a camera accessories maker for Apple iPhones, has launched a new series of MagSafe cases and mounts designed for the iPhone 12 models.

The line includes cases and a broad selection of mounts that will let users attach a variety of things to an iPhone 12, or iPhone 12 to a variety of things, reports The Verge.

Moment has unveiled two cases available that support MagSafe and fit iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The company also announced Moment Tripod mounts for MagSafe wireless charging technology on its online store in the US.

Moment iPhone 12 MagSafe Case
Image: Moment

“There are two distinct models, a standard model and a pro model that includes a cold shoe mount for connecting accessories like lights and microphones,” the report mentioned.

It works with or without a case and works in either portrait or landscape orientations.

The Moment Tripod Mount and Moment Pro Tripod Mount cost $39.99 and $49.99, respectively.

Cold shoe mount is another product announced for $29.99. This is a simple mount that adds a cold shoe to an iPhone. The arm is adjustable for different case and phone sizes.

For use in the car, there’s a Car Vent Mount that has the same strong magnetic connection. There is also a wall mount which looks similar to the car vent mount.

The Moment Car Vent Mount comes for $29.99 and the wall mount costs $19.99.