Gasket Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4 case

Gasket Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4 Case

Beckoning to the secret ‘race car driver’ hiding within iOS device users, the Gasket Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4 case from id America is a pretty good excuse to stock up on yet another shell for the handset. This rigid piece of metal cutout for the phone knocks on the head gasket of a performance engine for its design inspiration.

The case is said to be crafted from actual brushed aluminum which shows on the outside and lined with suede on the inside surface. So it’s hard metal on the outer side for guarding the Apple iDevice from shocks or bumps and soft inners for keeping away those scratches from the exterior of phone. The quad layer protection structure comprises of a tough-shell coating, material specific treatment, scratch-proof PET film and silicone polymer adhesive.

All in all, the design aesthetics are of the sort that should appeal to not just automobile fans, but regular users too. Bundled in with the aluminum iPhone 4 case are front and back crystal clear screen protective film, a squeegee for film application and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The precision-cut screen covering is touted to be scratch-proof courtesy of a special coating meant to keep the enveloped phone’s display from getting nicks or scratches on it.

Those interested in the Gasket Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4 case can pick it up through the id America online portal. The price label tacked to it reads at $29.99. It’s out in some very sober aluminum silver, modern bronze, vintage gold, titanium gray and jet black color options apart from a more spirited and eye-watering rally blue shade.