Twelve South BookBook for iPhone keeps all valuables in one place

BookBook For iPhone.jpg

Bearing good news for all iPhone 4 users is the Twelve South BookBook accessory. With its book-like shape, the pouch is capable of holding an iPhone, cash, credit cards and other stuff – all in one place. The innovative design is aimed towards users who prefer the convenience of having all their valuables in one place.

Combining a traditional wallet with the iPhone would lead to users never having to forget their device nor purse at home, unless they don’t remember about both. With the Twelve South BookBook accessory, the handset can be easily synced with iTunes and is easily accessible and protected under the sturdy leather cover.

Andrew Green, Creative Director at Twelve South commented, “There are many iPhone cases out there in all shapes and sizes, but we couldn’t find the one we wanted. So we rolled up our sleeves and designed the ultimate case. A cool, pocket-sized book that serves as a wallet and iPhone case. It’s a phone book and checkbook rolled into one.”

Comprising two slots for credit and debit cards, a vertical pocket for cash, receipts and business cards, the accessory also features a slot for ID cards, which can be easily displayed through the cover. Additionally, the slot is made for users to conveniently slide out their IDs. With its pocket-book like appearance, the accessory is stated to be a perfect disguise for user’s iPhone and wallet by giving it a distinct look.

The Twelve South BookBook for iPhone is available for $59.99 at Apple retail outlets and on the company website.