iTunes Match arrives with download v10.5.1

iTunes Match

The iTunes 10.5.1 update brings with it a much talked about feature titled iTunes Match for music lovers in the U.S. People can now store their songs in iCloud, including the ones that haven’t been purchased from iTunes.

Once stored in iCloud, users can stream and play the music on other gadgets anytime and anywhere, without having to go through the syncing process. iTunes first figures out the songs that are in users’ libraries and also in the iTunes Store to match them. These are directly added to iCloud for users to access on the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod touch, the Mac or any other PC. With this, iTunes has to upload only those songs that it couldn’t find a match for.

The iTunes Store boasts of more than 20 million songs. So more often than not, tracks will be directly added onto iCloud, speeding up the process. What’s more, every track that iTunes matches is played back from iCloud at 256Kbps AAC DRM-free quality even if the song in the concerned library happens to be of lower quality.

iTunes Download

Needless to say, users will be required to download iTunes 10.5.1 to sync their music library with the help of iCloud. Though the added feature has arrived a little later than expected, Apple fans may probably be considering the wait to be worth it.

iTunes Match is a subscription based feature and requires $24.99 a year to be tossed in if users wish to enjoy access to their preferred tracks minus the syncing process that may have to be endured when accessing the songs on other PCs or devices.