iPhone 4S unlocked version shipping out of Apple quarters

Unlocked iPhone 4S

For those suffering from commitment issues with their network carriers, Apple has finally started shipping out the iPhone 4S unlocked version to fans of the smartphone. It’s also a neat option for people who prefer to enlist the services of a local carrier while traveling abroad.

Available in both the black and white color choices, Apple’s latest spin on their game changer of a smartphone is currently purchasable at a lower price with Sprint, AT&T or Verizon Wireless plans and customer contracts in the U.S. It embeds a 3.5-inch Retina multi-touch display offering resolutions of up to 960 x 640p, an 8MP camera and the Siri personal assistant software, of course.

In fact, Siri is probably one of the most convincing reasons for picking up a new iPhone, considering that Apple didn’t get around to making an iPhone 5. And apart from the A5 chip and a higher resolution camera, there really wasn’t anything new to talk about in terms of hardware.

iPhone 4S Unlocked

The specifications for the microSIM-shunning iPhone 4S will obviously not vary in terms of these major ones. The only things that change is that the unlocked phone won’t be supported by CDMA-based carriers like Verizon or Sprint. Instead, customers will be able to activate and use the device on any GSM network including that of AT&T’s in the U.S.

The iPhone 4S unlocked version is available in 16GB, 32GB as well as 64GB hoarding capacities. These variants sell for $649, $749 and $849, respectively.