Bluelounge MiniDock keeps the iPhone in upright position for charging

Bluelounge MiniDock iPhone

Cutting off all chords and the hassle of maintaining them, Bluelounge has launched its MiniDock iPhone wall charger. Instead of letting the device just lay around on the surface, the company has brought in a convenient and stylish method of juicing up the handset’s battery by allowing users to do so in an upright position.

With its expertise being in innovative cord management products, the company has created the wire-free wall charger to be an essential replacement to similar devices in households and also whilst on the go. Additionally, users will require the Apple USB Power Adapter in order to utilize the Bluelounge MiniDock.

Dominic Symons, Bluelounge Principal and Creative Director commented, “Our customers are passionate about their iPhones and their accessories. People are proud of their devices so they treat them with care and worry about their phones getting damaged when in use or while traveling. MiniDock meets the public’s desire perfectly, with a sleek and innovative charging station that doubles as a display stand, so proud iPhone owners can use their hardware efficiently while they charge it. Our unique design keeps their phones safe, off the floor and out of harm’s way—all at the same time.”

Converting any power socket into a docking station, users can forget about the hassle of maintaining chords and the fear of them snapping. Furthermore, the sleek and compact design makes it ideal for travel and to complement the form factor, the device also doubles as a display dock.

The Bluelounge MiniDock is available for purchase on the company’s website and in retail outlets worldwide. With a price tag of $19.95, the dock is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and other Apple devices and comes in three different adapter standards suitable for the U.S., UK and Europe.