Scosche myTREK Pulse Monitor and app for iPhone, iPod

Scosche myTREK Pulse Monitor

All those who have been striving hard to lose that flab have a workout partner in the form of the Scosche myTREK Pulse Monitor and app for the iPhone and iPod to keep a track of their workout sessions. myTREK will not only store all basic information like calories burned and speed but also all details about previous workouts.

The Pulse Monitor needs to be paired with ‘i’ devices which also requires the app which can be downloaded for free. The device can be used to track the pulse after the connections have been made. A photo sensor along with two LEDs measure pulse by identifying variations in the blood pressure.

Further, the built-in accelerometer detects movements through heartbeats to measure the precise pulse rate and calories burned. Users can decide on the activity, workout type and target training zone while the interactive arm-band informs users about their progress through voice prompts. The workout information is stored on the device to be accessed through the app’s calendar.

The Bluetooth enabled arm-strap needs to be worn on the muscular part of the forearm allowing users to control track and volume. The rechargeable lithium-ion provides a power life of five hours. Additionally, for a perfect fit, the arm-band is available in three different sizes.

The myTREK priced at $129.99 is up for grabs through Apple retail stores, 24-Hour Fitness gyms, 24hourfitness and the official web portal., Target and Verizon Wireless will begin selling the arm-band from a later date.