iOS 5 battery issues confirmed, bug fix in the works

iOS 5 Bug

Though the iPhone 4S along with iOS 5 has made a decently successful entrance, users who’ve been upgrading their iDevices to Apple’s mobile OS probably have a thing or two to say about iOS 5 and battery issues. Over the past month a number of reports have surfaced regarding such problems with no possible fix in sight, at least until now.

Starting with the iPhone 4S and soon followed by all users who got hold of the new OS, the iOS 5 battery issues was identified as a fault within the operating system and also varies based on the network carrier as well as different usage factors. According to the word received by AllThingsD from Cupertino HQ, Apple clearly stated the issue was caused due to a few bugs within iOS 5. And that isn’t all – the company will also address the error which affects the battery life and causes it to drain quickly through a software update that’s already a work-in-progress.

It could certainly be a sigh of relief for users if a walkaround or measures to restrain and reduce the impact of the bug would offer some help. But that’s something the company hasn’t provided at present. Also, recent reports claim a developer release of the update chalked to iOS 5.0.1 is available along with fixes for the battery drain issue. Previously, a number of security flaws were also reported to be contained within iOS 5 that allowed direct access to the device without asking for a passcode or key although the data is encrypted.

The iOS 5 battery drain bug is expected to be fixed with the next software update, though Apple hasn’t specified an exact date of release.