id America Cushi pad pins iPhone 4 to multi-hued graphical themes

id America Cushi Original

Well, the iPhone 4 does look very comfortable in the id America Cushi pads which have been introduced in various style options. So iPhone wielders get to pick their flavor of choice from the Cushi Original, Cushi Dot, Cushi Stripe or Cushi Robotics soft foam pads.

Cushi Original includes Suburb, New York, Cloud and Rainbow urban themed designs. The Stripe series is out in beach red, candy blue, multiplex and jazz purple hues. Cushi Dot pads are colored Sunkist orange, baby gray, disco black or aqua blue. Trying to live up to its name, the Robotics line is said to offer a ‘mechanical look’ in white, red or black.

id America Cushi iPhone 4

“At id America we aim to support those individuals who seek to rise above the ordinary with beautifully visual products made from the highest quality materials,” enthused Abraham Jackal, marketing manager of id America. “The cushion-like EVA foam used in all Cushi products adds beautiful texture, shock absorption and aids in improved grip dynamics.”

The wrap is meant to protect just the iPhone’s rear from damage, while leaving a hole for the camera lens to peek out. Its embossed EVA foam material adsorbs shock from falls and should even let users grip the device properly. The pad attaches to the back panel with anti-residue adhesive which ought to allow for easy removal if necessary.

The id America Cushi pads for iPhone 4 sell at $11.99 apiece. Each is accompanied by six home button protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, front clear protective films and a squeegee for film application.