New MacBook Pro models heard

MacBook Pros

The AppleInsider has recently revealed that after scrutinizing the configuration files embraced in the most recent build of OS X, sources at Spanish-language site have discovered facts supporting two new MacBook Pro models.

The 10C531 build of the 10.6.2 update encompassed the configuration files in question. The models referenced are the MacBook Pro 6.1 and the MacBook Pro 6.1b. The existent crop of MacBook Pros possess a 5.(x) designation, spanning 5.1 through 5.5.

Apparently, the MacBook Pro line was not modernized during the new Apple refresh, during which Apple released Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processors to the recently designed iMac line.

The Intel Core i7 mobile processors, erstwhile code named Clarksfield, reportedly deliver enhanced performance with multi-threaded applications and are capable enough to elevate the processor clock speed up to 75 percent to meet workload requirements.

Supposedly, almost every evidence points to two new MacBook Pros with Quad Core Mobile processors and ATI series 4500 GPUs.