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Machine Learning is Making Mobile Apps Better than Ever

machine-learning The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like a concept from Star Trek that has no bearing on everyday life, but in reality, we’re already wading knee deep into these new waters. The vacuum cleaner that takes care of your floors while you’re out of the house is just one example.

And Machine Learning (ML), which is a branch of AI, has already been a huge part of our lives for quite a while now. ML technology is the driving force behind companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon. It is thanks to this technology that we are shown adverts and products that are relevant to our wants and needs – sometimes, whether we like it or not!

What is Machine Learning?

So what exactly is ML and how is it improving mobile technology? Basically, Machine Learning takes all the data we, as app users, offer up and then uses it to inform algorithms that can then update themselves without human intervention. Sounds complicated?

Well, the tech behind it certainly is, but the concept is actually fairly simple. Humans do this naturally. Think of the barista in your local café; if you order the same coffee every day for a week, the barista will more than likely remember you and remember your order and they will begin to make your coffee before you have even ordered it.

Facebook is probably the best example of Machine Learning put into practice. Every time you are shown people that you might wish to send a friend request to or every time you are shown an advert for a product that you might like you’re witnessing the result of ML translating your data and personalising your experience.

ML is the tech that allows Netflix to tailor their viewing lists to suit your viewing preferences. ML is also being used in almost all successful online retail businesses. And it’s also being used to combat fraud and therefore protect you when you are making purchases online.

New Businesses are Taking Advantage

Any new online business worth it’s salt should be incorporating ML into its mobile app. Statistics show that most online consumers appreciate the service and are happy to share their data in order to enjoy a more streamlined experience.

Online dating apps, in particular, have embraced ML because they need to tailor their service to their client’s needs and it’s almost impossible to do this manually. Online casinos have also seen the innumerable benefits of using ML to improve player satisfaction, not least of which is the ability to provide players with well-curated recommendation lists for games they might enjoy. The online casino industry is booming; just take a look at a site like and you’ll get a good idea of how many mobile casino apps are out there competing with each other.

The Future is Bright for ML

ML helps individual enterprises within big industries get an edge on the competition and with the amount of data available it’s only set to expand its reach into all sectors. ML technology has found its way into health care, image recognition, online gaming, speech translation, and banking. We’re likely to see big leaps forward in instant language translation as well as more basic stuff like extended battery life on a mobile device.

The applications for this tech are seemingly endless if truth be told and are likely to continue influencing our decisions and actions without us even being aware that it’s happening. The only way to avoid ML is by avoiding almost all online interactions, and why would we want to do that?