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MacFun.com, a Gaming Site for Apple Mac users released by Freeverse Software

MacFun.com logo Freeverse Software has announced a new website called MacFun.com which is exclusively dedicated to the owners of Apple Mac computers.

MacFun.com would feature casual games for the Mac users and intend to become a favorite destination for Mac users.

Though there are several online websites that aspire to offer cheap/free small downloadable games, only a few are aimed at the small number of Mac users online. MacFun.com features games by category — arcade, puzzle, word games, cards and strategy. And while Freeverse publishes its own popular games, MacFun.com features offerings from a number of different Mac game developers.

MacFun.com is completely focused on the Macintosh user. According to MacFun.com editor-in-chief Amy Torres said, “Most other sites treat Mac users as an afterthought, if they consider them at all. But finally there is a place where they can trust that every game works on the Mac, where Safari is the browser of choice, and where the support staff—editor, webmaster, and everyone else—are all Mac users themselves.”

MacFun.com also offers development services for third party and original casual games. They’ve developed their own Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology for license, and offer distribution partnerships for independent developers.