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MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watch get up to Rs 10000 cashback offer

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Apple has tied up with Citibank to offer customers a cashback worth up to Rs 10000. All MacBooks, iPads, and Apple Watch units are eligible for the deal. Even the Apple Pencil falls under the scheme.

No iPhones are included, but there is an Amazon iPhone Fest going on which is dishing out discounts on various models. As for Citibank, it’s bundling the cashback with all its Citi Credit cards except for Citi Corporate cards. The discount can be taken up until 31 July 2018. Only one transaction per card per product is allowed.

Apple Citibank Offer Cashback Details

This means that people can get their money back only on one MacBook, iPad, Apple Pencil, and Apple Watch. The MacBook lineup grabs the biggest cut of Rs 10000. The reduction lets the entry-level MacBook Air retail at Rs 67200.

Next up is the iPad which becomes Rs 5000 cheaper after the cashback gets applied. The promotion allows the basic 5th-gen iPad to be available at Rs 23000. Smartwatch enthusiasts will also get Rs 5000 off on buying an Apple Watch. Series 1 of the wearable will thus sell at Rs 18950.

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Finally, the Apple Pencil gets a Rs 1000 cashback to vend at Rs 6600. One key thing to remember is that Apple might refresh some of these products in September when it typically announces new goods. The Apple Watch will probably get a new variant, making the older ones a bit obsolete.

As per Citibank’s fine print, the cashback will be credited to a person’s account within 90 business days from the date of purchase. The offer is valid on both EMI and non-EMI transactions.

The cashback is further applicable only on transactions done via Plutus/Pine Labs POS terminals. The deal can’t be combined with any other scheme. You can view the list of participating Apple Stores here.