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MacBook Air gets a Shield from Agent 18

MacBook Air Shield We heard of people getting their elbows cut and then their cakes with the sharp MacBook Air. Well, Agent 18 has finally released something that would prevent some further cuts. The sword, err, the laptop gets a shield! Right, a MacBook Air Shield.

Now when some were shrieking when their elbows got cut, some sites ridiculed the laptop for its sharp edges. Now some proclaim it as the piece that ruins the ‘sharp’ and smart look of your MacBook Air making it look uglier! Well, but if you really want to avoid band-aids then this shield is meant for you. Also being made out of durable polycarbonate, MacBook Air Shield is sturdy enough to keep your laptop safe.

And it has some more features to go – MacBook Air Shield lets the user access to all connectors and features of the laptop. It also has an opening for the notebook’s vents to prevent it from overheating. It is available in the white, black and (ahem!) pink. The MacBook Air Shield is available at all Apple stores and on Agent 18 web site for just US$ 49.95.

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