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Your Mac may be infected by a dangerous malware, here’s how you can find it

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The infamous Hacking Team may be in the process of creeping back out of the shadows right now, even as a newly discovered malware on Macs has been found to be bearing traces of its old code. It has been found that it’s mostly harmless. But you’d rather not have it in your computer anyway, right?

A researcher from Sentinel One named Pedro Vilaça was apparently the first person to discover this file. Mac security expert Patrick Wardle from Synack was quick to confirm this claim, thus bringing back memories from the massive Hacking Team leak from last year.

According to Ars Technica a sample of this malware file was first uploaded to Google’s VirusTotal scanning service on February 4. During that period, it wasn’t being detected by any of major antivirus program out there. Thankfully though, all programs including McAfee, ClamAV and Kaspersky are now detecting it.

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All of those who have these any of these above mentioned programs installed and updated on their Macs, don’t need to worry about it, as they will take care of the malware file easily. And if you wish to check if your machine is affected you will need to enter Library > Preferences > 8pHbqThW and look for a file named Bs-V7qIU.cYL.

If you find it your Mac is infected, and you will need to download an antivirus in order to remove it. KnockKnock is a good option, as it’s fairly lightweight and to the point.

So you had better get going with checking your Macs for the malware file that has likely been released by the infamous Hacking Team again.