Luna PCI 7000 Hardware Security Module launched by SafeNet

SafeNet Luna PCI 7000 Module SafeNet, a global leader in information security has announced the launch and availability of its Luna PCI 7000 Hardware Security Module (HSM).

According to Chris Holland, Vice President, Information Assurance Products at SafeNet, “Our HSM customers from a wide range of industries, all requiring the fastest, most secure and easiest-to-integrate application security solutions available. The Luna PCI 7000 sets the bar even higher on multi-market HSMs where fast performance is critical for high-volume transactions such as financial and online applications.”

The Luna PCI 7000 hardware security module offers high-performance cryptographic processing at the rate of 7000 asymmetric 1024-bit RSA operations per second. It can be embedded directly in an application server for an easy-to-integrate as well as cost-efficient security solution.

The Luna PCI 7000 hardware security module provides reliable protection for applications and information assets, ensuring regulatory compliance and a reduction in the risk of liability.

What’s more, this security module from SafeNet is securely packaged to meet the most stringent requirements for tamper and intrusion resistance.

The Luna PCI 7000’s plug and play support for Microsoft Windows platforms ensures seamless deployment to a wide range of security applications such as IIS, ISA and RMS Servers. Likewise, its full cryptographic application program interface support makes integration quick and easy.

“Additionally, the Luna PCI 7000 offers strong two-factor authentication and multiple administrator roles to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive cryptographic material. It also offers Trusted Path Authentication using the Luna PED (PIN Entry Device), which is an integrated handheld authentication console that does not rely on commercial keyboards or displays for administrator PIN code entry,” said Deepak Prasad, Vice-President, Global Outsourcing, SafeNet Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

For developers who are interested in the Luna PCI 7000 hardware security module, a Luna Toolkit, which makes adding secure, hardware-based cryptographic processing to custom application simple, is also available.