Luminous Arc 2 Coming to North America in Fall 2008

Luminous Arc 2

Atlus has announced the release of Luminous Arc 2 for Nintendo DS in North America. This strategy RPG game was launched earlier in Japan in May and will be available in North America by Fall 2008.

The upcoming Luminous Arc 2 game allows players to travel through the kingdom of Carnava. The kingdom is said to be established with the Witches of the Rev Magic Association thousands of years ago.

It features hand-drawn graphical style characters similar to Anime, which are once again ready to win gamers’ minds. Besides, the game music is composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

Luminous Arc 2 will also be bundled with a bonus soundtrack CD featuring music from the game. Gamers can expect the game to be on shelves by Fall at the price of $39.99.

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