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Lumigon T2 smartphone unveiled, doubles as a universal TV remote

Lumigon T2 Smartphone 1

Couch potatoes looking for more reasons to stay glued to their sofas can feast their eyes on the new Lumigon T2 smartphone, which boasts of a universal TV remote, amongst many other features. Modeled on a sleek Scandinavian design, this Android 4.0 offering comes integrated with audio by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.

The discrete look of the handset reflects the company’s origins as it employs minimalistic composition of stainless steel and glass for the body. Its highlight, the TV remote control, combines an infrared remote control, which is located at the top of the T2 with an integrated learn function to proffer users a universal solution for operating their television sets.

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Lars Gravesen, CEO of Lumigon, states “All it takes is pointing an infrared remote control to the top of T2, pressing the desired command, and it will be recorded into the memory of the smartphone. Then you have an easy end convenient access to operate your TV or music center. T2 is even able to recognize your gestures. This means that you can for instance navigate menus on a screen by the wave of your hand.”

Lumigon T2 Smartphone 2

The T2 also comprises an activity button located above its screen. Potential users can program this key to perform any desired function even when the phone is locked. Moreover, this device sports a 3.8-inch ultra-sharp screen with a high resolution display and is powered by a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

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The Lumigon T2 release date and price details have not been disclosed by the company yet, but it has been confirmed that the handset will go on sale in Europe and Asia during the first half of 2012.