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Love them or hate them, Facebook stickers have finally breached the comments section

Stickers on Facebook haven’t found a wide audience yet, but this new development can very well increase their use on the social network by a great deal. That’s because, support for adding these fun cartoony images in the comments section has been finally enabled by the developers.

This means you can post stuff like an exercising cat, a Power Rangers character, a Lego Minifigure and a lot more to your comments in order to better express yourself. There are tons of different stickers that you can keep ready for yourself by adding them to your library through Facebook’s Sticker Store.


Prior to this, stickers were only limited to chats with friends, and were hence a big part of the social network’s now mandatory Messenger application. But now, you can post these images in comments on your timeline, group posts or even event posts. On the downside, this also means more space being occupied in the Newsfeed which translates into more scrolling of course.

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There will henceforth be a smiley face icon on the bottom-right of any comment field, sitting right beside the icon that lets you upload photos in your comments. Hitting that smiley face will open up all the available stickers that you can post in the comment, while it will also provide you with access to the Sticker Store.

This information about the integration of stickers with comments was provided by one of the site’s engineers named Bob Baldwin yesterday. He revealed that the project took birth at a hackathon, and developed further as time passed by. It should be known that the new addition works on the Android and iOS versions of Facebook as well.


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