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LoopTube 1.0 app for iPad hits the Apple App Store

 LoopTube App For iPad 01

The LoopTube 1.0 app for iPad should be preferred by everyday users who wish to have a software that intuitively plays videos from YouTube in a loop. Subscribers are neither required to hit the play next button nor the full screen key as all clips in the search results page for the saved keywords are automatically played one at a time.

This application by eFusion is said to be apt for those who often look for the same queries on the popular video sharing website. Users can save the frequently searched keywords as well as favorite videos in the Channel List, while a simple tap on a channel plays the related clips. What’s more, it automatically begins playing the new entries for the selected keywords. And once the list is completed, the app loops the entire list of clips all over again.

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Additionally, the company has added the repeat option to play the same video recurrently. This sort of playback isn’t limited in terms of the number of clips being previewed as it can be used for a single video or multiple ones. As it is meant for the iPad only, the application should be compatible with the tablet’s Retina display.

 LoopTube App For iPad 02

The 1.0 version of the LoopTube app naturally includes a search function to find videos by keywords. And as mentioned above, these keywords can be saved in the Channel List to save users from punching them in time and again. Sized at 4.5MB, the software works on the slates running iOS 4.3 or later.

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The LoopTube 1.0 app for iPad is listed in the entertainment category of iTunes and can now be downloaded for free.