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LogMeIn drops the paid-only bomb on users. Looking for alternatives?

Angry comments have been flooding in ever since LogMeIn announced that it would be dropping its free service and offer it on a paid-only subscription basis. For those of you who are in no mood to cough up the change, especially because the company’s move seemed rather sudden, there are LogMeIn alternatives you could look towards.

What is LogMeIn?

The service basically lets people remotely access and manage computers from just about any PC or compatible mobile device as long as they have signed up for an account. Subscribing to the Central web-based console costs upwards of $299 a year for 100 connected PCs. The Pro subscription is priced at $99 yearly for 2 PCs, $249 for 5 and $449 for 10.

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How much time until I have to pay?

If you’re using LogMeIn Free, then you will have 7 days from the time you log into your account (after January 21, that is) before you have to sign up for the paid service or pack your bags and get out of there. You will need to subscribe for a Pro plan at least to continue using the remote access software.

“In order to address the evolving needs of our customers, we will be unifying our portfolio of free and premium remote access products into a paid-only offering,” was what LogMeIn had to say about the change.

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Once the week-long grace period is over, customers won’t be able to remotely access the PCs that have been linked to the service. LogMeIn is delivering special discounts and offers on plans directly to users as soon as they sign in. The rates mentioned above may only be applicable to new members.