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9 LogMeIn Alternatives

LogMeIn Alternatives

The following LogMeIn alternatives are your best options if you’re thinking about replacing the software. There are hordes of applications that claim to offer the most efficient possible remote access. And in order to assist you in choosing one from amongst them, we’ve narrowed down your search considerably. A detailed description regarding each of these contenders will help you pick one that suits your needs just right. So scroll down to know more about them.

1 – TeamViewer:


First up is TeamViewer, efficient software that lets you access a remote computer system from miles away within seconds. It gives you control of a PC from another via the internet or through mobile applications available for the iPhone, iPad or Android-based devices. So you have the option to access your content saved on a PC from not only a desktop but also a handheld gadget while you are on the move.

Saving data on your local drive won’t be a problem either as you can copy entire folders or simply drag and drop stuff when accessing a system remotely. Additionally, the TeamViewer Manager keeps track of all your sessions and saves them in a database that can easily be shared with others.

Price: $749 (Business Edition)

2 – ManageEngine Remote Access Plus:

remote access plus Are you looking out for a software to remotely access Mac, Linux and Windows computers from a single console? Remote Access Plus will be your best fit.

Establish endless remote sessions simultaneously, invite more than one expert to troubleshoot and view multiple monitors in a single windows with ManageEngine Remote Access Plus.

Bridge the gap between end users and administrators with seamless voice and video calls also send out customized announcements to computers within minutes. Start exploring Remote Access Plus a HIPPA compliant remote access software with the exclusive free trial now!

Price: Starting from $75.00/year

3 – Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client:

Remote Desktop Connection

If you are one of those who require a solution to gain access to Windows PCs from Mac-based computers, this option in our lineup of software like LogMeIn is meant for you. The utility developed by Microsoft is available for download separately and is included in the ‘Office for Mac 2011’ package as well.

Compatible with most of the latest technologies for Mac and Windows, this Client 2 software boasts of Multiple Sessions Support so you can have access to more than one system through a single Mac computer. You are free to customize this application as you please and even assign your own keyboard shortcuts for maximum flexibility.

Price: Free (Business version)

4 – GoToMyPC:


GoToMyPC is available for both Windows as well as Mac computers, gives you the liberty to connect to pretty much any system that has an internet connection. The utility installs itself on your computer after it has been downloaded and its 128-bit AES encryption and dual passwords eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to your data. The Android and iOS applications available at Google Play and iTunes, respectively, enable you to instantly have access to all your content through your mobile gadgets. It is possible to copy and paste content or print remotely. An option to create a desktop shortcut comes in handy as you do not have to pass through the login page time and again, once you set it up.

Price: $9.95 per month

5 – RealVNC:


Regardless of the operating system on your computer, RealVNC lets you have remote access to every internet-connected PC. It is available in free, personal and enterprise editions and each of these versions permit you to assign passwords in order to make sure your data is safe within the confines of your desktop.

The paid versions allow you to print documents remotely and even chat with the person who is using the computer to which you have remote access. The Android and iOS applications can be employed for the purpose of accessing an internet-enabled computer featuring VNC-compatible server technology, from a mobile device running Android or iOS platforms.

Price: $30 (Personal)

6 – Mikogo:


Taking our list of sites similar to LogMeIn further is Mikogo, a software that promises high-quality desktop sharing between computers running the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. A useful feature of this utility is its ability to share your screen with as many as 25 other users.

This software comes in handy for making presentations and lets anyone adopt the role of a presenter. It lets you obtain remote access to a connected computer’s keyboard and mouse so you can take control of it and use shortcuts to execute functions on the remote PC.

Price: Free

7 – RemotePC:


If you need to access content saved on a logged-off computer, you may find RemotePC
pretty helpful. Not only can you print documents and copy them to your local drive, but also reboot the remote system and connect it again. And if that’s not enough, you can remotely access a PC from iOS-based devices like the iPhone and iPad using the iOS application from iTunes. You can invite another person to view content from your remote computer, print documents or play audio directly from the remote PC.

Price: Free (free monthly plan)

8 – imPcRemote:


Another software in our queue of software like LogMeIn that is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating systems is imPcRemote. It boasts of instant, secured as well as trouble-free connections between PCs, over the internet.

Organizing remote computers into groups is possible and you can even have someone else access these groups. As is the case with most similar software, you can utilize the tool to transfer files. Moreover, it enables you to access multiple desktops simultaneously.

Price: Free (Instant, Professional)

9 – ScreenConnect:


ScreenConnect promises to connect your PC to a remote system with just a few clicks, regardless of which operating system they run. It enables you to control the screen, keyboard, and mouse of the remote PC and chat with the person at the other end. The drag and drop option highly simplifies the task of copying and pasting multiple files between them. You can even reboot and reconnect a computer remotely as well as record a screen video in AVI format while connected.

Price: $300 (Concurrent Session License)


So whether you are looking for a paid software or a free one, or even one that’s flexible with various monthly or annual subscriptions, we’ve pretty much covered them all on our compilation of LogMeIn alternatives. And like LogMeIn, most of these allow remote access via smartphones and tablets, making them strong contenders for replacing the former. Do let us know if you are willing to go for one of these applications.