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Logitech Tri-Color Mouse Introduced in India

Logitech Tri-Color Mouse

Logitech has announced the release of its new Tri Color mouse which adopts the colors of the Indian flag to add to the celebrations of the 61st year of Indian Independence.

Apart from the patriotic look, the mini optical mouse features plug-and-play operation. It offers smooth tracking and maximum surface coverage in virtually any environment. Besides, it comes with a shock-resistant bodywork of the mouse easily withstands bumps on the road delivering comfort and mobility to users.

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Apart from that, the Tri Color mouse also comes with a unique cord wrap feature which solves the problem of dangling wires. When you’re ready to move, the integrated cord-wrap feature enables you to wind the cord tidily into the mouse for easy packing.

The new Logitech Tri Color Mouse is priced at Rs. 6,40 and is available at all leading electronic stores.

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