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Logitech rolls out Alto Cordless, Connect and Alto Express Notebook Stands in India

Logitech's New Alto Products

Logitech has introduced a new range of products in its Alto series of notebook stands in India. Logitech Alto Cordless, Alto Connect and Alto Express are the latest entrees in the product line-up.

The Alto notebook stands have essentially been designed to enhance the comfort level of users, by raising the display to the optimal viewing height and distance, and by creating space for a comfortable, full-size keyboard and mouse. Additionally, since the notebooks get higher, the stands minimize contact with the uncomfortable heat generated by a notebook PC and enhance cooling fan circulation. Ergonomically to these stands offer a lot of comfort. The easy-to-set-up stands work on laptops of practically every brand.

Coming to the newly launched products, the first one is the Logitech Alto Cordless, which is basically a Notebook Stand featuring an in-built Keyboard and USB Hub. It raises the height of your notebook display for better viewing comfort. The full-sized, cordless keyboard comes with a soft palm rest that enables users to type faster, with less fatigue, resulting in better productivity. In addition, the keyboard includes a number pad for quick data entry plus media and volume controls for instant access to your digital music. It includes three high-speed USB ports that add plug-and-play connectivity for the cordless mice, printers and external drives. It has the ability to flip open for instant use on any flat surface and fold down for easy storage. In addition, the integrated restraints organize and protect the boring looking cables.

Next in line is the Logitech Alto Connect, a Notebook Stand along with a Four-Port USB Hub. The X-shaped peripheral is a notebook stand and comes with a powered, four-port USB hub. Furthermore, one of the ports is located at the front of the stand for easy access when plugging in a device such as an MP3 player or thumb drive. Also, a cable-management system along with a cavern for storing the USB cable is offered when it is not in use. It works well with any notebook PC, MacBook and MacBook Pro computers.

Finally coming to the last product, the Logitech Alto Express is a simple, basic Notebook Stand that is not only easy on your pockets but also looks quite elegant. It offers a stylish hard-plastic, translucent surface and a smooth, swoop shape. The lightweight, one-piece Alto Express Stand is easy to set up too. The stand’s arch-like design accommodates storage of a keyboard and mouse under the stand when idle. Logitech’s Alto Express is compatible with 15.4 to 17 inch notebook PCs and MacBook computers.

The Logitech Alto Cordless is priced at Rs. 6,995 and bundles a 5-years warranty. The Alto Connect comes for Rs. 4,595 and Logitech Alto Express is priced at Rs 1,695. Connect and Express include a 3-years warranty each. The new products are available in the Indian market via Rashi and Savex distributors.