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Logitech K800 Keyboard Review: Smooth typing with elegant look

Logitech K800 Keyboard

Don’t get boggled if ‘good performance’ floats across our minds on remembering Logitech’s tale. Proving what we just said shouldn’t be difficult if we pick up and start getting down to brass tacks about the company’s wireless keyboard models and their significant transformation since then. Be it Bluetooth-enabled, corded versions, or ones with programmable hotkeys, there’s an interesting history to read about. With a great experience that we’ve shared, resisting Logitech’s Wireless Illuminated K800 keyboard for a comprehensive review looked quite unthinkable. So, here we embark on our full-fledged assessment which has already left us with assumptions of completing it with ‘can’t complain’ sorts of windup.

The super sleek Logitech K800 keyboard arrived quite elegantly with overflowing confidence about stepping out with a proud look. The usual query ‘what’s in the box’ left us with the main unit, Logitech’s Unifying receiver, micro-USB charging cable, receiver extended cable, and user documentation. Acclimatizing the device onto our desks appeared pushover since simple installation was the mere requisite that we had to undergo.

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Quickly adjusted to sally, the keyboard instantly had our fingers glued to begin typing and immerse completely. The sublime low-profile 108 keys gulped less than a minute to enthrall us, whereas laser-etched keys which lit bright and evenly illuminated added to the feel. The durable concave keys could smoothly position our fingers properly, while the soft rounded edges let us glide from key to key.

The Logitech K800 keyboard houses an On/Off button on the enclosure’ right skirt, while a battery indicator secures a place just next to it. An adjusting light sensor has been assigned as a neighbor to the indicator. The rear end features hinges to provide comfortable adjustment and rubberized stands for extra grip. The device features outstretched keys which illuminated the moment we connected it to our desktop. The most highlighted aspect ‘backlit keys’ does a fair justice and feels incredibly smooth while being used.

We liked the precise illumination rendered by Logitech’s device which not only buffed up the characters, but also let us tap keys without any distraction. The Logitech K800 accommodates a shiny, silver Logitech logo which has been neatly quartered on the bottom to provide it a slick look. Complementing the exquisite appearance is the high-quality material being utilized to construct the framework. We don’t mind appreciating the classy, tidy arrangement of buttons as well as the entire execution.

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Logitech K800

The space around the keys has been designed to be glossy, while the spacious edges give a matte expression. The Logitech K800 keyboard definitely proffers enough space downside to keep hands rested and comfortable while typing. Covering the elegant body from all corners is a plastic transparent shield which pulls off well in exhibiting an enhanced look. For those agog about keeping their desks uncluttered, the device can be facilely held vertical to free up the space. Unlike usual keyboards, the review unit activated its backlighting whenever our curious hands would approach the keyboard and turn off when moved away. If it claims to ‘know when you’re near,’ it says all right.

The wireless keyboard feels extremely lightweight and is equally adjustable. Except the little additional space that it occupies comparatively, the K800 performs pretty well. We could decrease the backlighting by pressing FN + F5 while hitting FN + F6 literally radiated the keyboard, making every letter appear superbly bright and clear. There’s a light sensor on the upper-right side which measures ambient light and dims or turns the backlight off depending on the surrounding light conditions.

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Logitech has pretty wisely hooked an On/Off button to stamp out the concern for draining battery. At the same time, an indicator light has been planked which apprises about the battery’s life. Charging the keyboard through the computer’s USB port and working simultaneously looked easy as well. For those who find this a bit annoying, the option to purchase a wall charging adapter could be suggested.

Our typing experience was certainly made whisper-quiet and fluid courtesy the integrated PerfectStroke key system which distributes typing force evenly across key surfaces. The embedded advanced 2.4GHz wireless connection further helped the device trim down delays, dropouts and interference. Coming to its survival strength, the K800 offers a decent three to six hours of operation for up to 10 days on a single full charge, which is pretty good for a keyboard.


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The roomy keys provide a truly uplifting typing experience.

We appreciate the innovative idea of planking down sensitive motion sensors that detect one’s hands as they approach.

The device also looks attractive for its neat framework.

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The peripheral could have been slightly on the lighter side.

Our Shout

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Overall, the Logitech K800 is an optimum keyboard with a multitude of great features which can literally revamp your entire computing experience. Supremely lightweight and portable, the stylish device essays its best in impressing us. Be it innovative touches, elegant look, or mobility, the unit has got everything. We happily assign it a rating of 9 out of 10. You can turn your typing into fun at a price of Rs. 6,995.