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Logitech intros Labtec Range of PC Peripherals in India

The New Labtec range

Logitech has announced the availability of its renowned Labtec range of PC peripherals in the Indian market. The products will be distributed exclusively by Redington India in the country.

A Labtec 2.4 Ghz Notebook Presenter, an Ultra-flat Wireless Desktop USB and 3 mice are the new products that have been introduced in India under the Labtec brand.

Subrotah Biswas, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Logitech stated, “Labtec products will complement the existing Logitech portfolio and offer a broader variety of products at multiple price-performance points to the consumer. Redington is ideally suited to help us achieve our goal.”

Below is the list along with a few key details, of the newly announced Logitech products:

Labtec 2.4 GHz Notebook Presenter: Having an amazing range of upto 30-feet, the all-new peripheral sports a comfortable design and grip. Users can slide forward/ backward and launch slideshows easily thanks to its intuitive controls. Featuring a black screen, it comes with an in-built laser pointer. The Labtec 2.4 GHz Notebook Presenter is priced at Rs. 1,889/-.

Labtec Ultra-flat Wireless Desktop USB: The super-flat wireless desktop USB fits in well with the design of today’s PCs and desk-tops and incorporates low-profile soft-touch keys that offer quiet performance and typing comfort. Bundling a range of one-touch controls that enhance the user’s pleasure of digital media and the web, the wireless desktop USB sports a spill-resistant design. It comes packed with a matching wireless 800-dpi optical mouse that delivers consistently smooth performance. The Labtec Ultra-flat Wireless Desktop USB is priced at Rs. 1,099.

Labtec Wireless Laser Mouse for Notebooks: It employs a 1200 dpi laser technology rendering pixel-perfect tracking on practically any surface. What’s more – it’s WIRELESS too! The mouse includes a compact USB mini-receiver and recharging cable store enabling quick portability and when stored, the mini-receiver shuts off the mouse to save power. It has a low battery indicator, thanks to which users can know about the dying battery in advance and replace batteries. In addition, the sleek shape and soft-touch combination grip means easy and comfortable use in either hand. Labtec’s Wireless Laser Mouse for Notebooks costs Rs. 1,399.

Labtec Mini Optical Glow Mouse: Incorporating seven bright colors moving from one to the next, the Labtec Mini Optical Glow Mouse adds a touch of fun to your notebook experience. It has a soft touch surface, compact design and retractable cord, giving immense comfort and portability to its users. The Glow Mouse has 1000-dpi optical accuracy that provides smooth, precise tracking. Supporting Windows 2000, XP, and Windows Vista, the Labtec Mini Optical Glow Mouse comes with a USB connection and is priced at Rs. 499.

Labtec Notebook Optical Mouse Pro: Packing in a retractable cord, the mouse does away with the botheration of tangled cords. Employing a light-weight optical tracking engine, this ultra-portable mouse has the ability to work on almost all surfaces making this the ideal notebook companion. Scroll wheel offers convenient and easy navigation along with functions as a third button. What’s more, this 400-dpi optical mouse works with desktop computers also The USB-compatible mouse is available for Rs. 399.

As mentioned before the entire line-up Labtec range of PC peripherals from Logitech is available in India through Redington India. All the products are backed by a 2-year warranty.