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Logitech TK820 wireless AIO keyboard with touchpad and a $99.99 price

Logitech has put out a new wireless all-in-one keyboard going by the moniker TK820. If you hate tangled cables and are a firm non-believer in wireless peripherals being troubled by lag issues, the Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820 should look inviting. In fact, it does look inviting with its slick grayish design highlighted by blue. And since Logitech has made its name in computer peripherals, we’re sure it’d be worth a spin.

In fact, we’re typing out this post on an excellent and unnamable (the sticker with the model name has worn off, been using it for that long without complaints) wired Logitech keyboard. The second biggest talking point of the TK820, apart from its wireless construct, is the large touchpad affixed to the right side. By downloading the SetPoint software, users can take advantage of Windows 8 multi-touch gestures numbering up to 13.

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Otherwise, there is the expected support for point, zoom, swipe and what not. In case anyone asks, the Logitech PerfectStroke key system design has been employed in the device. A company-branded Unifying receiver which works on 2.4GHz connectivity will keep the device hooked to the PC in question. As for lags that people who’ve tried out wireless accessories mention, we would normally not bet on such hardware for gaming needs.

Even if the wireless technology used in this Logitech creation holds up well against interferences from other gadgets floating on the same frequency, gaming on it may not be the best idea. The number of batteries needed to keep the keyboard powered up is likely to vary inversely with the amount of control you have over your time spent gaming. Also, who wants dead batteries in the midst of a vicious online battle?

Logitech will soon start selling this peripheral in the US as well as Europe. Like we’ve already said, the TK820 is priced at $99.99.