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Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote Control Launched in India

Harmony One Universal Remote

Logitech has announced to introduce Harmony One advanced universal remote control in India. Like other Harmony universal remotes, the latest device also offers one-touch and activity-based control. Thus users will be able to control most of their home entertainment devices comfortably with just one remote.

The Harmony One remote control features a 2.2-inch color touch screen. The innovative screen uses capacitive technology that responds to tiny electrical charges from the fingertips. Logitech claims that capacitive touch-screen technology is more durable compared to touch screens that respond to pressure.

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Also, the new universal remote control offers a color touch screen that provides control of any home entertainment device with an infrared receiver, including digital video recorders, high-definition televisions and many household appliances. In addition, the remote is capable of displaying icons of specified TV stations for quick access to favorite stations.

Even the shape of the Harmony One is designed carefully to improve ease of use. The remote features curved and comfortable shape that is easy for anyone in the family to hold, regardless of hand size, claims Logitech. Furthermore, an intelligent and intuitive button layout divided into four distinct zones (numbers; traditional DVD controls; D-pad with volume and channel up/down; and on-screen menu buttons) offers seamless control.

The remote boasts of having only 40 most-important buttons on the remote, which are individually sculpted, providing useful tactile cues. Hence users can easily and quickly find the button they need. Besides, the remote has an adjustable light that makes it easy to find it even in the dark.

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Apart from that the Harmony One remote is powered large V-control database of entertainment equipment. Also a Patented Smart State Technology is incorporated with the remote. With this Smart State Technology, remote tracks the power state and input setting of the various components it controls.

“The Harmony advanced universal remotes have been highly successful at providing easy, one-touch access to favorite activities, such as watching TV, playing a video game, or listening to music – all with a single remote,” said Subrotah Biswas, Country Manager, India and SAARC, Logitech. “To further improve our lineup, while developing Harmony One, we sought to intimately understand the interaction between people, their remotes, and their entertainment systems. In fact, Harmony One is the result of our most comprehensive research and development undertaking ever – more than 20,000 hours.”

Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote Control is now available in India at the price of Rs. 18,495.

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