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Logitech ‘Fun’ Mice with colorful ‘Zebra’, ‘Tiger’, ‘Racer’ and ‘Spots’ prints introduced

Logitech Tiger, Zebrea, Racer and Spot Fun Mice

Logitech has just introduced a new range of colorful mice, called Fun Mice which according to the company will turn the workstation into a ‘fun’station.

The Logitech Fun Mice come in four different designs namely Logitech Racer mouse, Logitech Tiger mouse, Logitech Zebra mouse and Logitech Spot mouse.

These new Logitech Fun mice are smaller than your usual mouse. They are perfect for those who have small and medium sized hands. Besides, each mouse’s cord can be wrapped and carried around easily.

The Logitech Racer Mouse has definitely been designed with a racing car’s look in mind and is two-thirds the size of a standard Logitech mouse. This mouse can even fit in a child’s hand. What’s more, the Logitech Racer Mouse does not even require set-up software or a mouse pad. It can also be connected as a second mouse for kids.

The Zebra Mouse has been designed to fit in small and medium sized hands and just like the Racer Mouse, does not require any set-up software. It can be connected to a PC or notebook as a second mouse and can be used on virtually any surface.

The Logitech Tiger Mouse is one of the more colorful ones in Logitech’s Fun Mice series. The Tiger mouse works on practically all surfaces. Again this mouse does not require any set-up software and can be used as a second mouse.

The Logitech Spot Mouse has been designed for people who feel that normal mice are too big for their hands. It can be attached to a computer or laptop. This mouse does not require any set-up software.

The Logitech Fun Mice all carry a price tag of Rs.995. These mice are available with a 3-years replacement warranty. You can get these new mice from Neoteric Informatique.

And, to make their offer more exciting, Logitech is also offering a Racer/Zebra/ Tiger/Spot ‘fun umbrella’ on purchase of one of these newly launched mice.