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Live Gamer Exchange service launched by Sony Online Entertainment

Live Gamer Exchange and EverQuest II

Live Gamer, an operator of a publisher-supported marketplace for real money trading of virtual items has signed an agreement with Sony Online Entertainment, to deploy SOE’s Station Exchange technology, which happens to be a fully legitimate platform for trade of virtual items. The agreement has resulted in the creation of an independent service called Live Gamer Exchange. This live service will first be seen on the EverQuest II servers.

Live Gamer Exchange combines the Web-based accessibility of Station Exchange with Live Gamer’s proprietary Wall Street-developed in-game application. This allows players to access the virtual marketplace from just about anywhere and at any given time.

Currently, the Live Gamer Exchange service will be available on EverQuest II servers which use Station Exchange. Further, the two companies are working to provide existing EverQuest II Station Exchange users a smooth and easy migration to the web-based Live Gamer Exchange service.

For the unaware, SOE had launched Station Exchange for EverQuest II gamers in June 2005, allowing players to trade virtual items for real money sans the risk of fraud.

According to John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment, “Station Exchange was an enormous success for us. It quickly established trust, acceptance and viability as a real money marketplace, significantly reduced customer support calls, and offered a way to combat gold farming.”

“The Live Gamer team is distinctively qualified to grow this market to its full potential. We also believe that because the Live Gamer service will be supporting other publisher’s games, it will be uniquely able to fight farming with a sanctioned secondary market service,” added Smedley.

For more details regarding transition from the EverQuest II Station Exchange to the Live Gamer Exchange, gamers will have to visit the EverQuest II community. The transition is expected to be complete by March 31, 2008.