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Little Snitch Alternative

Looking for a Little Snitch alternative that will keep your virtual woes at bay? Well, you’ve stumbled upon the right place as we’ve got a comprehensive list of options that should indeed do the trick. The following software help prevent your private data from escaping onto the online confines. With any of this software in place, you’ll be able to monitor the application activity so you can be sure that they won’t be contacting their home planet without your permission. And besides being an outbound firewall, these programs also proffer a host of other features. Take a peek.

1 – Radio Silence:

Radio Silence

Radio Silence dives right in with the tagline, ‘apps phoning home? Not on your watch.’ Well, one look at that quip and you’ll already be able to fathom just what this virtual puppy has in store for you. According to the developer, Radio Silence allows you to block any application from gaining access to the web. Once you’ve procured the program, it will always remain active. What’s more, you won’t have to be bothered with pop-up windows or alerts while you’re working at your computer. These aspects make this an apt choice especially if you aren’t a network expert. The software can be downloaded by shelling out just $9 and it even comes with a free 24-hour trial option. Lastly, it supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion.

2 – Hands Off!

Hands Off

Well, that’s exactly what this entrant in our programs like Little Snitch roster will be saying to unwanted communication. The company allows you to ‘monitor your computer and protect your privacy.’ You’ll be able to seamlessly monitor the internet connections of all your applications so that no hidden ones can pass by undetected. Prevent information leakage and malware infiltration as well as proficiently manage disk access. The latest version further offers wildcard support in file paths, use wildcards in hostnames and wildcards for application paths. Although you can try it for free, purchasing a full license will cost you just under $50. And if you need an upgrade, you can part ways with just $9.95.

3 – ZoneAlarm:


This all-in-one free security solution is noted to be an amalgamation of an antivirus and firewall. It acts as a 2-way shield by safeguarding your computer against malevolent individuals and stopping spyware from transmitting your precious data to the web. ZoneAlarm also zeros in and blocks Trojans, viruses, bots, worms, and rootkits, reveals the brains behind this endeavor.

You can even take advantage of its privacy and security toolbar, identity protection and advanced download protection aspects. As stated earlier, ZoneAlarm is free to acquire, however, if you want more features like parental controls, customer support, and PC tune-ups then you’ll have to procure the advanced versions which begin at $45.

4 – GlowWorm:


The Mac solution invites you to control your computer so you can keep your personal data safely away from prying eyes. This inclusion in our software similar to Little Snitch array prevents applications from using the internet behind your back. You’ll even be able to tweak all incoming and outgoing connections. GlowWorm further provides other interesting features such as an application monitor and logging system as well as a rule editor which sports a graphical layout for easy personalization. You can gain access to the lite version or the complete edition which bears a cost of just under $30.

5 – TCPBlock:


Perceived to be a ‘lightweight and fast application firewall’ by the company, you can breathe easy when this virtual treat is seated in your computer. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or later, the program lets you prevent selected applications from connecting to the network without your permission. You can even seamlessly adjust the settings via the TCPBlock preference pane which is accessible through the System Preferences option. And unlike a few of the previous mentions, this one is up for grabs minus a price tag.

6 – Sphinx Software Windows 10 Firewall Control:

Sphinx Software Firewall Control

Wondering what this particular contender in our programs like Little Snitch roundup has up its sleeve? Well for one, you can protect your PC from incoming and outgoing network activity that involves local or remote applications. The program also provides access to per-application security and flexible permissions settings as well as automatic port forwarding-to-applications management and IPv6 support. You’ll even be duly notified when blocked activity is detected. And besides just Windows 7, the free, as well as paid versions of the software, are well-suited for Windows 8, Vista, XP, 2008 and 2003 as well.

7 – Armor2net Personal Firewall:


Here’s another Windows-compatible solution that helps keep those nasty hackers out of your personal data. Protect your computer from threats like viruses and Trojans by investing in this option. Blessed with an amiable and user-friendly interface, the program has the ability to keep an eye on all internet traffic and connections made to and from your PC. This software, in turn, allows only legitimate connections and keeps you in the loop if it detects any attempted invasions. Through this delight, you can espy currently active connections and even garner details on the same. You can either opt for a free trial download or pick up a 1-user license for just under $30.


Little Snitch may be a reliable solution for many Mac owners. However, there are others who are scouting around for apt replacements. That’s where we come in. We’ve just laid out some worthy substitutes that stride onto the forefront bearing a slew of features. And besides catering to Mac enthusiasts, we’ve also gathered a couple of options that can be employed via a Windows-infused PC.

So have you found your Little Snitch alternative? Well, don’t forget to pen down your mentions in the space allotted right here.