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Linksys NAS200 Network Storage System now available in India

Linksys NAS200

Linksys has sent in word that its new Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution with 2 bays- the NAS200 is immediately available in India.

The NAS200 has been designed to allow users to share, utilize and secure valuable data over their networks. Basically, one can use this storage solution to stream music and high-definition videos stored on the NAS200 for playback via the built-in media server for streaming to PC or UPnP AV digital media adapter.

Sanjeev Gupta, Linksys regional sales director for Asia Pacific said, “Digital photos, music and video are requiring more storage capacity than ever before as the connected home continues to grow. The NAS200 is an expandable home network appliance that is designed to allow users to easily add storage space to their network.”

The NAS200 is a stand-alone network appliance that features two 3.5-inch SATA drive bays, allowing users to attach the storage they need. For higher expandability options, there are two USB ports, through which users can easily connect an external hard disk drive or flash disk to quickly access or back up data.

The best part is that the Setup Wizard has been designed to assist users in configuring the NAS200. Backup of important files in done with the touch a button and backup software that comes bundled with this solution.

As a true NAS device, the NAS200 does not require a client utility that must be run on PC. Connecting the Storage System to the network is easy. All one has to do is simply install one or more hard drives in the Network Storage System and connect it to an available 10/100 Ethernet port on a router or switch, and the storage is instantly accessible by the whole network. The NAS200 can also be set up to be accessible directly from the Internet via a web browser or ftp client.

This means that users can access their backups from anywhere. All one has to do is input the NAS200 URL from their desktops, laptops or mobile devices while on-the-go and stream their music on a Mac or PC without the need to copy such files on to the device.

Listed below are the salient features of the NAS200 Network Storage System:

  • Provides 2 bays with SATA interface
  • Provides 2 USB ports, supports USB memory devices such as flash disk or external hard drive
  • True NAS Device (no dedicated PC required)
  • Supports Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)
  • Built-in download manager enables users to initiate an independent FTP or HTTP download task from a PC’s web browser.
  • Built-in UPnP Media Server supports multiple HD streams
  • Push button for data backup
  • Easy installation

The NAS200 Network Storage device with 2 Bays is immediately available for a price of Rs.9990 in India.