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LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Smart Tips To Grow Your Audience

linkedin logo icon Since its creation, LinkedIn has grown into this amazing social platform that allows any professional to connect with other professionals around the globe. Today, there are over 800 million LinkedIn accounts in more than 200 countries worldwide — making LinkedIn the top social network for professionals.

But aside from being a social platform, LinkedIn is also one of the most useful platforms for business marketing — simply because of the opportunities and advantages it gives. You can use LinkedIn for lead generation and sales prospecting. That’s why many marketing experts recommend LinkedIn when you’re serious about creating a successful digital marketing strategy.

Are you using LinkedIn’s potential to improve your brand awareness and build your network? Do you know how you can establish your brand as an authority on the platform? If you’re curious how you can use LinkedIn efficiently, keep reading. In this article, we’ll help you with everything you need to know!

How To Use LinkedIn Effectively as a Marketer

linkedin icon glowing inside lightbulb idea LinkedIn is the best place to connect your brand to over 800 million professionals around the world. With LinkedIn, you can easily reach a huge number of professional audiences that you can either sell your service or build professional relationships. The following are tips to help you grow your business on LinkedIn.

Polish Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your brand. Think of it as like your brand’s professional space on the internet. Without it, you’re missing out on a large network of audiences where you can gain leads from.

So if you want your company to get noticed, you must strive to create a stunning business profile. What makes a professional company page? A good profile is first and foremost 100% complete. It should include every important detail about your company: name, founding date, number of employees, etc. It should also have an eye-catching background photo and a professional logo.

Polishing your page is only the start though. Keeping your profile up to date is the best way to attract visitors and potential clients to your business. So, how do you keep your profile up to date?

  • Posting status updates. This allows you to keep your followers informed about what’s happening in your company.
  • Linking your projects. Show off your successful projects to the world. Include a description, link, and appreciation for the team members who helped you accomplish the work!
  • Showcasing publications. Do you have articles you’ve written or publications where your work has been featured?

Post and Share Content

Content marketing should be practiced on every platform you have an account on — and LinkedIn is no exception. Content can be anything: short posts, long-form stories, or videos can easily capture people’s attention.

Thanks to new updates on LinkedIn it’s now very easy to publish content. You can use it as a blogging platform where you can publish articles using LinkedIn Articles or LinkedIn Pulse. What’s the difference between an article and a post? It’s just about the length, actually. While posts are only 700 characters, articles can include more than 100,000 characters.

You can also enrich your follower’s feeds by sharing content. If you want to share fun and quirky short videos about your company, you can use stories or live streams with LinkedIn Live.

The important thing here is that your content should be regular. You should refrain from posting once only every couple of months. If you want to stay relevant to your network, you should continue sharing and posting fresh content that gets people excited!

Don’t Forget to Use Hashtags

Hashtags? Do they even work on LinkedIn? The simple answer to that is yes. Aside from adding emphasis to your posts, hashtags are also good for your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Hashtags are basically key phrases that help new audiences, niches, and industries find you. If done right, you can widen your reach and attract more leads.

Hashtags work the same way on LinkedIn as on other channels. They are basically words or phrases that tell users what your post is about.

So, where should I put hashtags? To make the most out of hashtags, add them to your status update, business page, and published articles. This will help you reach beyond your network. When you have a hashtag, people searching with that phrase will be able to see your status, page, and articles.

Engage With Your Followers

How do you extend your content’s reach? Simple. By engaging with your followers and audience! By having more followers, you can increase your content’s reach and influence. The more followers you have, the more potential your content will show to other people’s newsfeeds.

Engaging with followers can be done by posting content directed at them. For example, by including questions and polls on your status update. You can also engage with your followers by sending thank you emails and invitations to your email marketing list.

Optimize Your Page for Search

If you want your target audience to find you on and off LinkedIn, you should start optimizing your page. Optimizing your page for search engines is easy with the use of good keywords.

Keywords are basically words that potential customers will use when searching for your product or service on the internet. The two best places to put keywords on your LinkedIn page are first, your company about description, and next to your specialties. Make your LinkedIn page direct to your website by posting relevant links to your website. This will help drive traffic to your site.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

A great way to make connections on LinkedIn is to search groups in your industry. Groups are amazing places to find like-minded professionals in your niche. It’s also a great way to join amazing conversations with experts and professionals.

For marketers, joining groups can also be a good way to learn more about your target audience. People share a lot about themselves, their professional aspirations, and their wants in groups. Groups help you listen and see what your audience is looking for. You can use that knowledge to create a better marketing strategy for your company.

It’s good to join groups, but if you want to generate more leads, you should also consider starting your own group. In your group, you can share valuable content and information about products or services you provide.

As a group owner, you’ll easily stand out from the rest of the lot. You’ll also easily position yourself as an authority in your industry. When you constantly create content in your LinkedIn group, you demonstrate your credibility to your followers. You also help them see you as a leader in your niche.

Personalize your InMails

If you want to improve your marketing on LinkedIn, try sending out personalized InMails. Unlike generated messages, InMails are more likely to get noticed and responded to. In fact, according to LinkedIn statistics, inMaill gets three times more responses than regular emails. This is great if you’re promoting services or products to relevant prospects. With InMails, you can even reach out to influential LinkedIn members and build connections with them.

Aside from personalizing your InMails, you should also do shorter InMails. According to data, shorter InMails of around 200 to 400 characters are 16 percent more likely to receive responses compared to InMails that are over 800 characters. The timing of sending your InMails is also crucial. According to data, the best day to send an InMail is Monday, where most LinkedIn users view their emails on all platforms including LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn Ads

What are LinkedIn ads? LinkedIn ads are paid marketing tools designed to help companies earn online recognition, build leads, and easily share content on the platform. Ads are basically ways to promote your business presence on the platform — without doing much work. They can be used for service sales, lead generation, and even job recruitment ads.

LinkedIn Ads are an easy way to put your company on the radar. It will boost awareness about your company and drive quality leads to your page. LinkedIn ads work by pay by click and focus on reaching people with specific titles, functions, or seniority levels. Creating an ad is easy on LinkedIn. Simply write a headline, add copy, and create a destination link. You can then bid on how much you’ll pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

If you’re serious about your marketing strategy, consider including LinkedIn Ads in your budget. Visibility in LinkedIn is important and if you can make it easier for your company to get noticed by paying a small cost — why not right?


LinkedIn is an important networking platform for marketers, and its potential should be recognized. With millions of professionals hanging out on LinkedIn, it’s one of the best places to find leads and boost your company sales. Whether you’re planning on using paid advertising or just promoting your page through blog posts and organic methods, I hope the tips above have given you knowledge on how to use LinkedIn efficiently.