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LinkedIn adds new Follow Company button

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LinkedIn has added a Follow Company button, which may aid corporate honchos to stay updated and bask in enhanced connectivity when on the go. The word ‘Follow’ may remind many of a certain other SNS and this feature on LinkedIn does happen to be something similar to what Twitter has on offer, but with a certain twist.

Through the latest addition, individuals can keep a tab on trending news with respect to companies or even simply look for career opportunities. Apparently, the SNS has more than 2 million companies on the network wherein some names range from the likes of AT&T, Starbucks and Sony Electronics, amongst others. A firm can also be ‘followed’ by selecting the Follow Company button on LinkedIn when signed in.

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“LinkedIn has over 2 million companies in its network – representing all industries, company sizes, and geographies. We’re excited to have several well known brands who already use LinkedIn Company Pages eager to install the Follow Company button onto their websites: AT&T, Starbucks, Sony Electronics, American Express OPEN, Rypple, DonorsChoose, and Kiva to name a few,” shares Mike Grishaver via the official LinkedIn blog.

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A particular company can be easily searched on LinkedIn and ‘followed’ to receive trending news about the same. Alternately, companies are even starting to add the Follow button to their individual websites, so clicking on it will automatically add the firm in question to the user’s LinkedIn profile. However, if members click on this option without logging into their LinkedIn accounts, they will then be asked for specific details so that they can ‘follow’ the company of their interest.

The Follow Company button on LinkedIn has been launched and can already be availed of.