LifeSize Conference, Express and Team MP High Definition Video Solutions announced

LifeSize Team MP

LifeSize Communications a provider of high-definition video communications has just unveiled its expanded HD video product line featuring products that the company claims will completely alter the video communications industry.

The three new products introduced by LifeSize are the LifeSize Express, LifeSize Team MP and the LifeSize Conference high definition video communication solutions.

According to Craig Malloy, CEO and founder, LifeSize Communications, “We firmly believe that video communications will change the way people communicate, and we are proud to introduce revolutionary technology that helps people everywhere to do more, travel less and be present in any environment.

The LifeSize Express delivers high-definition, point-to-point video communication at a great and valuable price. Moreover, it is just the size of a wireless router.

The new LifeSize Team MP and LifeSize Room include embedded high definition multipoint capabilities that offer customers greater flexibility in determining the solution that best accommodates their environment.

Just like all other LifeSize HD video products, these two also deliver 30 frames per second and 1280×720 screen resolution at only one megabit per second and also provide better quality at any bandwidth.

The LifeSize MP video solution can operate with almost any videoconferencing system built within the last 7 years.

The LifeSize Conference video solution, which is the first HD video product to be designed especially for telepresence environments, provides organizations, integrators and AV consultants with the necessary HD video infrastructure necessary to create custom telepresence suites.

LifeSize Conference

The LifeSize Conference offers multiple displays with up to three HD cameras and also integrates a wireless control panel.

The price list of the newly introduced LifeSize HD video solutions are noted below:

  • LifeSize Express ($6,000)
  • LifeSize MP ($8,999)
  • LifeSize Conference (less than $40,000)
  • LifeSize Express

    The LifeSize Express, LifeSize Team and LifeSize Room video solution are immediately available worldwide, while the LifeSize Conference solution will be available in Q4, 2007.