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LG unleashes its first Monitor TV in India

LG Monitor TV

LG Electronics India has taken the wraps off its first ever Monitor TV in the country. The Monitor TV is package of dual entertainment that not only allows users to watch their favorite TV shows but also play games and watch movies.

“As always we have tried to provide an innovative offering that would meet the need of the consumers through the Monitor TV. We are positive that it would meet the expectations’ of consumers,” said R. Manikandan, Business Group Head, Digital Display & Storage, LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

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“Also recent recognitions at the market place reflect the acceptance that our products enjoy amongst consumers and motivate us further to come up with new unique offerings,” said he.

The Monitor TV has been conceptualized as an LCD monitor and features various AV/TV functions. Dubbed as ‘MTV’ (shortened version of Monitor TV), the device offers connectivity to various other gadgets like DVD player, VCR, Video, console games, camcorder and more.

MTV comes integrated with tuners, speakers and High Definition DTV. Other details regarding its resolution, contrast ratio and power-saving features, are yet to be announced.

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The monitor is available in the Indian market in the sizes of 18.5W for Rs. 12,990, 21.5W for Rs. 16,990 and 23W for Rs. 17, 990.

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