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LG to debut Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV Panel at CES 2009

LG Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV An announcement by LG Display reveals that the company is all set to showcase its new 480 Hz LCD TV Panel called as the Trumotion 480Hz at the upcoming CES in January 2009. As against present LCD TVs, LG’s new display panel boasts of a video display capacity enhanced by nearly 4 times.

“The world’s first Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV panel is planned to hit the market in the second half of 2009. LG Display will provide its customers with unique, high-end products while delivering crisp picture quality for fast moving images”, remarked Eddie Yeo, executive vice president and head of LG’s Display TV Business Unit.

The highlight of the novel display panel is supposedly its smooth and high speed playback with a response time of 4 milliseconds and a refresh rate of nearly 480 refresh/sec. The display incorporates a new scanning backlight technology into the panel that can repeatedly turn on/off the backlight, thus resulting in reduction of blur.

The Trumotion 480Hz will also offer support for brightness and darkness levels depending on the picture quality. With adjustable backlight intensity, the LCD TV panel will also assure users of lower energy consumption. Additional features of the display include elimination of blur due to a fast response time and crystal clear display of pictures.

While there are details on the price or exact release date, the LG Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV is expected to hit stores around Q2, 2009.