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LG Rolly Keyboard 2 is just as cool as the first one


Remember the portable LG Rolly Keyboard from 2015? The one you could roll up into something resembling a baton of sorts and carry around in your pocket? Well, it’s got a successor dubbed the Rolly Keyboard 2…because there’s no need to change a perfectly agreeable name like that. The new peripheral comes with a couple of improvements over its predecessor.

The general idea behind the LG Rolly is that you won’t have to sacrifice on productivity while on the move just because you have to send your mails and do other ‘work stuff’ which require typing, on the smallish touchscreen keypad of a phone or tablet. Since the keyboard curls up into a compact little capsule thingy, it’s conveniently portable.

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It measures merely 274 × 31.7 × 30.7 millimeters and tips the scales at a light 161 grams. The biggest design change brought on by the LG Rolly Keyboard 2 is its entire extra row that makes room for separate number keys. Additionally, the Bluetooth-enabled peripheral can now be connected to a maximum of three devices at a time, as opposed to just two.

LG Rolly 2

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The keyboard is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms. This time around, LG has even attached a small tab for enabling users to grab it and ‘unroll’ the Rolly 2 easily. The wireless device is built out of plastic and comes powered by a single triple A battery which is supposed to be good for almost 3 months of average use.

The price of the LG Rolly Keyboard 2 is 129000 Won, that’s around $110 or Rs 7325. Details about its availability outside the company’s home country have yet to be announced. Meanwhile, enjoy the above GIF of it being rolled and unrolled over and over again.

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