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LG put a 29-inch Windows 10 tablet on a fridge

LG Windows 10 Fridge

LG’s looking to make a splash at the IFA trade show in Berlin with a new Smart Instaview Door-in-Door Fridge which comes with a huge touchscreen. This isn’t just any ordinary display though, since the brand has decided to equip the appliance with a full-blown Windows 10 tablet.

LG isn’t the first manufacturer to go about making their fridges smarter. Samsung made headlines earlier this year at CES with its own 21.5-inch Tizen-based fridge. Not to be outdone, the former’s product measures a whopping 29-inch.

While the idea of owning a fridge which runs Windows 10 complete with specs like an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM sounds bizarre, the Smart Instaview Door-in-Door has a number of tricks up its sleeve to make it more appealing. First-off, the OS allows you to download and run all kinds of apps like Edge so you can check out recipes or watch videos on YouTube.

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Having the full power of Windows 10 at your fingertips also translates to the ability to play music through the in-built Bluetooth speakers and access to Cortana for voice commands. Secondly, LG has added some special wizardry to the panel so it can go semi-translucent, letting you actually view the contents of the fridge and place digital post-it notes to label items, a new-age take on an old-fashioned practice.

The LG Smart Instaview Door-in-Door Fridge doesn’t have a price tag or release date yet. It’ll probably come out later this year.