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LG Pocket Photo 2.0 smart mobile printer to be released at CES 2014

The LG Pocket Photo 2.0 smart mobile printer has been announced ahead of the CES and it will be showcased at the expo to be held in Las Vegas in January. It naturally builds up on the success of the previous generation printer and the company claims that you can use it for customizing, printing as well as sharing content.

One of the key advantages of the stylish device is that it works wirelessly and can communicate with other gadgets via Bluetooth as well as NFC. The peripheral prints pictures from most of the smartphones and tablets based on the Android and iOS platforms and its compact size makes it a perfect travel companion.

LG Pocket Photo 2

The Pocket Photo 2.0 can be utilized for the purpose of printing custom 2 x 3 inches pictures of 313dpi. LG believes that the gadget is the smallest mobile photo printing device on the market and is about 4mm thinner than its prequel. You can pick it up in hues like pink, jewel white and lime yellow.

Before connecting it wirelessly to mobile devices, users are required to download the Pocket Photo editing application via the Play store or iTunes. Once the gadgets are paired up, they can immediately start printing their still shots. The said application has been updated with new customization options, filters, effects and more.

LG Pocket Photo 2 Pink

And no, you are not required to invest in ink cartridges as the compact printer works with the assistance of the ZINK technology which cuts down on smearing and makes pictures last longer. On a single charge, the gadget can be expected to print as many as 30 pictures.

The LG Pocket Photo 2.0 is already available in China and will be up for sale around the globe in 2014.