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LG Optimus 4X HD quad core smartphone to arrive in Europe this June

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It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III has tough competition in the form of the LG Optimus 4X HD, a quad core smartphone that has geared up to arrive in Europe next month. The IPS display, an advanced user interface and a long battery life are some of the key attributes of this device besides the multi-core CPU.

Announced back in February at the MWC, the 4X HD employs the 4-Plus-1 Nvidia Tegra 3 mobile processor. Its fifth core is responsible for a longer battery life as the phone switches to this core in the standby mode, to cut down the power consumption. Additionally, via a future update, the company plans to give users the control over the power usage by allowing them to shut down the cores of the processors. And if that’s not enough, the smartphone utilizes a 2,150mAh battery deployed with SiO+ technology too.

“Beyond the fast processor, superb display and largest-in-class battery, the Optimus 4X HD is the first LG smartphone to feature the new User Experience (UX). As the smartphone segment consolidates even further, it’s becoming more and more apparent that both great software and great hardware are crucial to stay on top of the game. LG intends to be a strong contender in both areas and the Optimus 4X HD is our proof,” quoted Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

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Outfitted with a 4.7-inch True IPS HD multi-touch display, the LG Optimus 4X HD binges on the Ice Cream Sandwich platform that integrates the Quick Memo function to easily activate it in any application for the purpose of taking down notes. Moreover, Media Plex has been loaded on the handset that tags along features like Fingertip Seek for video frame preview, Live Zooming, Video Speed Control and Thumbnail List Play. As for the camera, it flaunts an 8MP BSI sensor snapper on the rear panel. MHL and DLNA are just some of the many connectivity options of this device.

The exact LG Optimus 4X HD release date and price are not known at present. It will initially be rolled out in Europe followed by CIS, Asia, South and Central America in the coming months.


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