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LG LifeBand Touch is company’s second go at Nike FuelBand-inspired fitness tracker

It looks like LG’s Nike FuelBand-inspired Smart Activity Tracker we saw at the CES 2013 has been given a makeover. What appears to be a press shot of an unannounced LG LifeBand Touch has been let out ahead of this year’s event and we’ll undoubtedly see it once again at the show.

The picture has been outed by @evleaks, of course. Since the competition in the wearable space is heating up, no device manufacturer seems willing to be left behind. So if you can’t make a full fledged smartwatch like the Galaxy Gear or Toq, why not sell a fitness tracker, right?

LG LifeBand Touch

Maybe it’s just us, but wrist-wear products like these are yet to make us go ‘Wow! We totally want that.’ It’s probably a couch potato thing. At any rate, it’s the dawn of the wearables and there’s no stopping it. Until a truly handy option comes out, we’ll have to grit our teeth and sit through it.

No details about the LifeBand Touch have been reported by @evleaks, though it’s most likely to function in a similar manner to the Smart Activity Tracker (video posted below). Apart from helping users keep tabs on how much calories they burn through the day, the latter allows them to receive call and text alerts as well as control their music.

YouTube video

Let’s hope LG has something more exciting than this wrist gear lined up for the CES 2014. Because a calorie counter is not doing it for us. Or perhaps it’s saving its phones for the the MWC only?