LG KC910 phone with 8 megapixel camera

LG LogoMake way for an 8 megapixel camera mobile phone. Well, yes there has been an 8 megapixel camera mobile in the maket but this one is from LG. The Korean maker sure does not want to lag behind in competition from Motorola and Sony.

According to MobileCowboys.com, LG will be launching the LG KC910 phone with the camera that will give you some superb quality images and enable video recording in n 720 x 480 at a frame rate of 30fps.

The LG camera phone is scheduled to be released in October this year. There are some more details supposedly direct from the insiders- the camera in the phone will be accompanied by Xenon Flash, image stabilization and face recognition features.

Supposedly again, the phone will have a 14mm thick aluminum body and a WVGA touch screen. No official pictures of the phone have been released.

Since few of the earlier mobiles from LG have been specially designed for trying some photography skills and have proved to be good enough, this one can be trusted for some better results. However, people are just waiting for the Motorola and LG KC910 8 megapixel camera phone to release to find which one is the best.