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LG G7, V30 may get launched earlier than usual


LG might be planning to launch the V30 and G7 much earlier than usual in order to give the latter a head start over rivals like Samsung. The brand reportedly began research and development for the second last month in anticipation of a January 2018 launch.

To put this in perspective, the LG G6 came out in March 2017. The 2-month gap may just give the G7 an advantage over the Galaxy S9 which will presumably get launched in March. LG and Samsung’s flagships have traditionally competed with each other within a similar time frame.

This strategy hasn’t worked out for LG so far, with the South Korean brand apparently having only a 4.2% market share. Sources claim that the firm is going to employ OLED panels for both the G7 and V30, while non-flagship models will continue to feature LCD displays.

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If true, the V30 would effectively become the first LG offering to sport an OLED screen. The phablet is expected to be unveiled in August 2017. This is again a tad earlier than usual since the V20 made its debut in July 2016.

LG is probably going to bestow the V30 with a secondary display like before, but change its functionality. This time round, it could slide out from underneath the standard display so that it offers features like a keyboard, context-specific buttons, and search results.

The V30 might run on Qualcomm’s as-yet-unreleased Snapdragon 836 processor and sport dual cameras on its back. On the other hand, the G7 could pack the chipset maker’s Snapdragon 845 SoC. Even the Samsung Galaxy S9 is probably going to sport the same CPU.