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LG G6 to carry 13MP wide-angle dual cameras

LG G6 Cameras

LG has come out with yet another detailed teaser ahead of the G6’s MWC 2017 launch on February 26. This time round, the company has provided a look into the phone’s photography prowess.

The LG G6 has a dual-camera arrangement on its back, as has been predicted in numerous leaks in the past. One is a regular 13MP lens, while the other is a 125-degree wide angle lens. Both will work together to output higher quality shots in 18:9 or 1:1 modes. The former occupies the whole display and the latter is a square shape ideal for Instagram.

LG plans to take advantage of the handset’s massive 5.7-inch panel by allowing people to immediately review photos the moment they’re clicked by placing them to one side. It had previously talked about how its new UX 6.0 has a new Food Mode which promises high quality color and saturation level for eatables and a GIF tool to combine anywhere between 2 to 100 images.

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The wide angle lens’ 125-degree field of view is apparently similar to a human being’s, so it might be able to incorporate everything your eyes can see into a photo. LG hasn’t revealed what exactly the dual shooters can do together, but it’ll probably involve some kind of true zoom or bokeh effects.

As for the front-facing camera, the G6 is getting its hands on a 100-degree wide-angle lens. Strangely enough, the brand has chosen not to reveal the megapixel count of the unit nor any of its other attributes.