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LG G Watch shines in this 50-second promo video

Ever since the unveiling of the LG G Watch, we’ve been hearing about it in a little-by-little fashion. As much as this has been frustrating, it has also been mildly surprising at times; like on that day we learnt that it will be waterproof and then when its possible release and pricing information was given out by its maker.

In yet another happening within the product’s PR blitz (or the lack of it), a fresh promotional video of the G Watch has popped up, telling us all that we already know about the device, but in a stylish fashion. This short clip gives us a 360-degree view of the Android Wear-powered smartwatch, while also explaining its highlights.

LG G Watch

Prime among those is the fact that this product is built with a metal body which according to LG, gives it a ‘timeless’ look. The company also calls it ‘sleek and lightweight’ but that can only be confirmed when the exact final specifications of the G Watch are let out into the open.

Lastly, this device will be water and dustproof, letting its users take it outdoors without worrying about rain or other natural factors. The Android Wear operating system will allow this watch to display Google Now information, so that you needn’t always remove your smartphones from your pockets to gain important information. Apart from touch, it can also be controlled by voice.

The LG G Watch will be made available this June, and it will have its price set at somewhere around the €199 mark.