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LG G Flex shows off it’s self-healing powers [Video]

One of the many plus points about the LG G Flex apart from its bendable form factor is that it can come out of a fight without looking all scuffed and scratched. And LG’s obviously proud of it. The South Korean company has posted a video on YouTube flaunting this particular talent of its latest smartphone.

The clip is 1.39 minutes long and shows an unnamed handset and the G Flex flipped over onto their fronts. Brushes fitted what appear to be fine metal bristles are being dragged across the back panel of both devices. While the LG phone’s rear casing seems to be recovering from the punishment Wolverine-style, the other participant isn’t doing so well, as you can see for yourself.

YouTube video

It’s great that device manufacturers are working to make sure customers are left with gadgets which shine as good as new in spite of having to face everyday wear and tear. Android Authority points to the video description which does note that the back shell of the G Flex can hold up against roughhousing of routine nature only. So don’t expect deep dents or scratches to disappear the way it does in the above promo.

Self-healing technology so far:

LG hasn’t explained how this impressive self-healing technology works. But in 2012, Nissan announced licensing of its Smart Shield elastic resin-clearcoat combination for scratch proof exteriors and a special iPhone case (pictured below). NTT DoCoMo was seen taking advantage of this in its Style Series N-03B handsets. Perhaps the G Flex depends on similar protection to stay smart appearance-wise.

Nissan Self-healing iPhone Case

Judging by the video, LG is definitely not falling back on merely letting the paint bleed into every layer of the back panel the way Nokia did with the N9 in order to keep it looking fresh.