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LG to exclusively supply L-shaped batteries for iPhone 9

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While the iPhone 8 is yet to go official, rumor mills have already begun churning out news about the handset’s successor. Dubbed the iPhone 9 for now, the device is apparently going to feature batteries exclusively supplied by LG.

The Korea Economic Daily reports that LG has invested hundreds of billions of won to set up dedicated battery manufacturing facilities which are set to kick off full-scale production early next year. The iPhone 9 is supposedly going to use a module that is bent in an L shape.

iPhones so far have packed regular rectangular ‘jelly roll’ lithium-ion batteries. The iPhone 8 is expected to be the first to feature the new L-shaped unit. The design allows Apple to make full use of the internal space and increase charging speeds dramatically to boot. It’s made possible by a new stacked logic board design.

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This isn’t the first time LG and the iPhone 9 have been associated together. Word on the street is that Apple is looking to expand its OLED partnerships beyond just Samsung for its 2018 series of iPhones. It has supposedly invested 2 to 3 trillion won ($1.75 to $2.62 billion) in LG Display to speed up the company’s OLED production.

Apple’s apparently doing this so that its entire 2018 iPhone lineup boasts of OLED screens, rather than just the iPhone 8 this year. Supplies are tight as of now, with Samsung dominating the market. It remains to be seen whether the company’s rumored LG gamble will pay off next year.