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LG to ditch the G5’s modular design for next flagship G6


LG Electronics has reportedly given up on its grand modular experiment which it kicked off with the G5. The company’s next flagship G6 will not be customizable, taking a step away from a strategy which it introduced just this year.

To recall, LG itself had previously confirmed that the G5 hadn’t done as well as it had hoped. The disappointing sales of the handset apparently lead to a massive round of replacements of the executives in charge of the phone’s development.

As for why the G5’s modular skills didn’t translate to profits, consumers supposedly found removing and attaching the modules an inconvenience, not to mention the fact that they had to buy expensive accessories in order to take full advantage of its potential. Moreover, sales were low because of a problem in the production yield since the device has a complicated structure.

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According to the report, LG is worried that ditching its modular strategy will result in losing market and customer trust. This is to be expected since it’s only been a year and the modular Friends which have been sold so far would become useless since future handsets might not be compatible with it.

Still, LG is seemingly determined not to repeat its mistakes. Its smartphone business hasn’t been doing well for a while now. The brand is now going to develop its next offering by bowing down to the demands of customers and markets rather than creative pursuits.

Work on the LG G6 is already well underway, with sources claiming that boards and audio chips are being prepared and partners are being sought. The manufacturer will apparently release the handset in the spring of 2017, furnishing it with new functions which haven’t been seen before in its lineup.